Bob Donaldson


Bob Donaldson grew up in Rimbey, a little town in Central Alberta. Where he was surrounded by music all the time. Family and family friends all from the east coast were always at his parent’s house with guitars, banjos, fiddles and everything that constituted an instrument.

For over 30 years of playing guitar and entertaining, you can see his musical influences in his writing style as well as his unique arrangements of traditional and not-so-traditional covers.

His musical influences go from Johnny Horton, Oak Ridge Boys to Garth Brooks, Beach Boys, The Nylons, Metallica, Guns and Roses and everything in between. Bob is no stranger to the stage, whether it is opening up for the legendary Dr. Hook, headlining comedy shows with his musical comedy to performing as lead characters in musical theatre and his music and vocal directing. He is now based out of Edmonton.

“A good song is not just words that rhyme, it is the art of blending fantasy with a touch of reality” – Bob Donaldson

Phone: 780-886-0794


You Give Love a Bad Name

New Release!!

30 years ago I borrowed a classically strung guitar from John Simpson and then he had me write 6 vertical lines and 4 horizontal lines. Then he put circles where my fingers go and “x” on the strings I don’t play and that’s when it started. I wanted to learn guitar to impress the girls... I broke a...
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Happy Hour with Bob Donaldson

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