Karac Hendriks


Visit http://karachendriks.com for more information.
Phone: 7809916245
Email: steve@karachendriks.com


  • A super Sunday shout-out to fellow small-town Alberta artist Drew Gregory for writing this song with Mike and me.… https://t.co/dgLgAaBY1K

  • Do you want to see “Some People’s Kids” and live chat with me on YouTube the minute it’s released? Visit… https://t.co/oOniz0HvJY

  • At least I don’t watch the Batchelor LOL! #TotalBellas @TotalBellasOnE

  • ...annnd #BetterThingsFX confirms that @FXNetworks continues to put @netflix to shame. @pamelaadlon #sorry #notsorry @Lefsetz

Karac Hendriks - This Road Is Mine

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