Blake Reid


I’m not a GQ guy in designer threads.  I come from a five generation farm family who staked their claim in 1902, broke the land and made a life.  I’ve been up to my elbows in grease, guts and chaff since before I was in grade school. 

I’ve always been proud of my farm roots as well as my passion for music.  Since starting the band while studying Agriculture at U of A, I have put countless miles across this land chasing music.  But my greatest satisfaction is to pick up my guitar and pen a new song in that old farmhouse, the same farmhouse where Country Music Legend Wilf Carter wrote many of his songs about the life and the land just outside that front door.

My music is about my life and home.  I’m drawn to the intimacy of farm life, and the values of those folks making a living along the lonely gravel roads outside the city limits. Whether the dirt in the field beside your road is red, brown, or sandy, I believe we all turn our ear toward something real and genuine. I sincerely believe you will find that in my music, my shows and in me.





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