Donny Lee


Donny Lee introduced his first release to Canadian Country radio in March of 2017 with Country Way Of Life off of his self titled album Who I Am, made up of 7 original songs. Hot off the heels of his 1st release came That Would Be Me, released in September 2017. Both introductory songs have done very well on the Canadian country music charts.

Donny is currently working with Ole Publishing and will be recording some exciting new material in the Fall of 2017 with MCC Recording Studios and Dave Temple & Johnny Gasparic at the helm.

Donny has a background in performing live country music since his early adult years and it is coming around full circle for Donny with now writing and recording his own music and being able to work hard at perfecting his stage show for the last few years for captive country music audiences in Nashville, all while establishing himself as an Alberta artist.

It is with gratitude that he is welcomed in the Contender Round for Nomination for Male Artist Of the Year and Fans Choice for 2017 with the Alberta Country Music Association. Donny will work hard to be the best artist he can be in representing the Alberta Country Music Association!



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