Jun-03-2018 ~ New Release!!

30 years ago I borrowed a classically strung guitar from John Simpson and then he had me write 6 vertical lines and 4 horizontal lines. Then he put circles where my fingers go and “x” on the strings I don’t play and that’s when it started. I wanted to learn guitar to impress the girls...

I broke a string on that ovation and gave it back and then used my mother’s old Yamaha, aka “The Fire Guitar” (survived a house fire in 1977) with the super high action that burns your fingers. (My kids and I still play that guitar every time I go home). 

Over the last 30 years I’ve played with some awesome folks who showed me tricks, kept me in love with the music and I’ve been fortunate to perform in some of the coolest venues and shows you can imagine. From Kitchen Parties to Funerals to festivals, impromptu performances in Mexico with the mariachi band to being the opening act for the Legendary Dr. Hook and playing along side some amazing recording artist!

Throughout the years I’ve written many songs and here is a collection of my music. Some you may have heard before. Through the kindness of radio I have had airplay with “I Only Want to Be Your Man” and sat at the #1 position for 6 weeks in 2008 on the fan voted Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song Contest with “Here and Now”.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you “Here and Now (Demos and other stuff)” for your listening pleasure. 

Available for download on CD Baby right now: http://store.cdbaby.com/cd/bobdonaldson1

Will be available soon on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other digital distributors. 

Old School CD’s should be ready by the third week in June 2018

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