Group or Duo of the YearShow Award Categories

These are your Nominee’s for the 2016 ACMA Group/Duo of the Year.

  • This is the Final Ballot in this category.
  • The Final Ballot will be voted on by the members of the ACMA with the right to do so.
  • The Final Ballot is open from December 4th, 2016 through December 30th, 2016.
  • Voting in the Final Ballot will close on Friday December 30th @ 4:00 pm MST.
  • Please select One (1) artist from the Nominee’s listed below as your choice for the 2016 Group/Duo of the Year.
  • The artist receiving the most votes will be become the 2016 ACMA Group/Duo of the Year.
Dirt Road Angels
FOXX Worthee
Hey Romeo
Midnight Lights
The Doll Sisters
The Dungarees
The Orchard
The Travelling Mabels
TwoShine County

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